Sequencer Expansion IO Board


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The Expansion IO Board is used to add additional control signal inputs to a Drayron Sequencer Board. The action of these inputs can be adjusted with the boards firmware. Generally these inputs will be connected to switches in the cabin for manual control of additional features. They expect to see ~12V to turn ON and GND or be left unconnected to turn OFF.

The are sold individually. Either or both sequencer boards can use them, but only the lights on the board it is attached to will have the extra controls. For example, if all you need is a single rear fog light bulb, then only one expansion board is required. But if you want to disable the turn sequencing, each sequencer will need its own expansion board.

The expansion boards have a soldered connection to the sequencer boards. When ordered together we will install them before shipping. They can be installed on sequencer boards you already have, but it will require some soldering. Contact us fore more details.

If there’s a feature you need let us know! We’ll see if we can add it as an option in a firmware update.

Available Board Actions

The available actions are independent of each other and tied to a specific input pin. You only need to wire in the function you’d like to use.

  • Rear Fog Light

An input can be used to control a rear fog light. When enabled one of the brake light bulbs will light at full intensity when the running lights or headlights are also on.

  • Turn Sequencing Disable

An input can be used to control the sequencing animation. When disabled the turn signal will simply flash amber.

Wiring Guide


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