Dual Element LED and Flasher Set


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A set of red dual element LED bulbs. These are the bulbs needed for the running and brake light segments for a pair of Drayron sequencer or tail light boards. These bulbs are red 1157 type. Each bulb is tested before shipping.

Also includes an electronic relay flasher, required to use LED bulbs. This relay has an adjustable knob that allows you to set your desired flasher blink rate. When used with our sequencer boards you can dial in the animation speed that looks best to you. The sequencer boards can learn the timing set on the relay (see the sequencer manual for instructions).


    • 6x 1157 Red Dual Element LED Bulbs (SuperBrightLEDs 1157-RHP28-T)
    • 1x Adjustable Timing Electronic Flasher Relay


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